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To assist you in meeting the current requirements, Northern Asphalt LLC is dedicated to staying abreast of ADA Regulations. We possess the capability to evaluate the existing layout of your parking lot to determine if it effectively optimizes parking spaces and traffic flow. Subsequently, we can evaluate the feasibility of implementing a viable solution to enhance your lot. Our commitment to delivering long-lasting outcomes ensures that we meticulously execute every project. Rather than merely applying a fresh coat of paint to the surface, we adhere to a thorough cleaning process to guarantee a pristine foundation. If pressure washing is necessary to achieve this, we readily undertake the task.

Expert Striping Services

Whether your parking lot has recently been paved or sealed and you require the finishing touch of striping, or if you simply need to refresh faded markings, our services will enhance the appearance of your lot in a positive manner. Our team of skilled painters ensures precise lines and meticulous attention to detail. We exclusively utilize DOT-approved traffic paints, which are identical to the rapid-dry paint used on public roads.

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Get a step-by-step plan
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Enjoy the Results
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