Commercial Asphalt Work in Poulsbo, WA

If you need commercial asphalt work completed by a competent paving contractor, consider using Northern Asphalt. We have all the knowledge of city, state, and local building codes to permit us to work with not only homeowners but also developers, schools, and churches throughout the state of Washington.

Parking lots can be made of concrete or asphalt. Most parking lots are made of asphalt. Whether you need a concrete or an asphalt parking lot, Northern Asphalt can get the job done for you. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have on the differences between concrete and asphalt parking lots.

We can also add asphalt curbing to your project. Curbing is an important component of a commercial parking lot because it is often used to define the space of a lot. These curbs may also be used to protect landscape islands set within a parking lot. Although asphalt is commonly used as a curb, it is not anywhere near as strong as concrete. If you intend to subject your curb to intense force, choose concrete curbing. Besides curb installation, we can also:
  • Install access roads
  • Apply lot marking
  • Install loading dock areas
  • Apply lot sealing
  • Perform municipal work
  • Install drainage ditches
  • Install speed bumps
  • Commercial Parking Lots
  • Concrete sidewalks
Contact Northern Asphalt today for a Free Estimate, and to let us know how we can solve all of your paving issues on your commercial property.