Asphalt Repair in Poulsbo, WA

Asphalt Pavement maintenance are key to the longevity of asphalt. Northern Asphalt has economical solutions to increasing the life cycle of your asphalt pavements. Hot rubberized crackfilling and sealcoating reduces the amount of water that can penetrate into the sub-base. Excess water beneath the asphalt surface can cause accelerated deterioration as well as breaking apart (potholes) due to Western Washington weather cycles in the winter time. Timely pavement maintenance will help extend the life of your asphalt parking lot and help reduce major costs and liabilities. Should you need a repair, we offer free onsite professional recommendations. Once asphalt deterioration has started, Asphalt patching is necessary for areas that are heavily cracked (or “alligatored”), sunken, exposed (potholes), or raised by roots or water damage.

The perimeter of the affected area will be saw-cut to provide a clean, professional-looking edge, and to provide maximum structural integrity. All cuts should be made at least 12-18″ outside of the visible surface damage because most damage starts underneath, working itself upward and showing itself at the surface last. If the area is too small, there can soon be new damage around the perimeter of a new patch.

The old, distressed asphalt will be removed and disposed of (asphalt is the most recycled material in the world, and WE RECYCLE!!) The sub-base will be inspected and appropriate action will be taken (such as clipping tree roots, bringing in new crushed rock, or providing more compaction). New hot mix will then be placed and compacted. Tar seal is applied to the seams (of old adjacent to new) to prevent moisture penetration. Northern Asphalt follows the WDOT SPECS therefore the asphalt thickness should never be less than 2 inches. Areas that have high traffic volume or heavy loads may require a much greater thickness.

For asphalt installation, it's important to properly research and plan before beginning the process. Carefully surveying the location is an important step. Taking the appropriate precautions ensures a sound foundation and this helps to guarantee that your new installation will last a very long time. Inspecting the current foundation is the first step of beginning a new paving project. At the base of the structure there should be no rubble, plant matter, etc. After our assessment we can determine the stability of the foundation, it may need to be graded or excavated and adding rock in order to develop a firm, stable surface for the asphalt to be poured onto.

Using asphalt to pave a surface has a lot of benefits!

Asphalt holds up for years against all types of weather and can be customized to fit your traffic needs.

Asphalt has a smooth finish. It's not only visually appealing, but it also serves a significant safety purpose. It prevents splashing, skid resistance, and makes road markings much clearer to drivers. It also protects the driving surface during inclement weather like snow.

Maintaining your asphalt surface is easy and quick. Common repairs like filling cracks can be done regularly without a hiccup and will provide an extended lifetime to your pavement. Even at its worst, asphalt can simply be re-laid.

Asphalt is a recyclable material! It can be used over and over again in a variety of ways. We recycle!

Asphalt is a cheaper alternative to many other options and even its construction is economical and offers a quick turnaround time.

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